RuneScape's #1 Cheating Toolkit

The Downlow on EliteSwitch

EliteSwitch is a Toolkit designed for RuneScape players by conveniently bringing together all the common RuneScape tools and features from all over into one single application.

EliteSwitch is an unique browser. However, this unique browser isn't designed for browsing websites. It's designed for playing RuneScape in and, as a result, is full of RuneScape specific utilities, bookmarks to popular guides/websites, and anything else required to give you the edge while.

EliteSwitch even removes the Adverts from F2P worlds and allows you to play RuneScape in true fullscreen mode unlike any other RuneScape client on the market.



Draggable tabs and a wide variety of theme combinations are just some of the features that make this client unique to YOU.
All this is brought together with a user friendly interface, and a team ready to help you out with any problems you may experience.


Stop the hassle with external applications when EliteSwitch contains features such as; Calculators , Interactive Maps, Database Lookups & Screenshot tools all in the one easy to use application.
These utilities are all streamlined to give you the fastest and most reliable user experience the market has to offer.